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          KleInleIn Johann WerkzeugmaschInen GmbH & Co. KG  Nürnberg Elisenstraße 4 Deutschland

          Turning Automatic Lathe - swiss lathe

          STROHM M125K

          Kleinlein Johann Werkzeugmaschinen

          Elisenstraße 4 · 90441 - Nürnberg
          +49 911628110
          +49 911666453

          Machine data

          TypeTurning Automatic Lathe - swiss lathe
          Date of construction1988
          Storage locationNürnberg
          Country of origin
          Delivery timeready for delivery
          Delivery termsex stock Nuremberg

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          turning diameter over bed125 mm
          spindle passage10 mm
          turning length100 mm
          turning speed range1000 - 10000 U/min
          Boring depth max.70 mm
          speed control shaft0,20 - 284 U/min
          total power requirement5,00 kW
          weight of the machine ca.2,50 t
          dimensions of the machine ca.6,00 x 1,50 x H2,00 m


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          Additional informatio

          Bar feeder IEMCA CS112/42/CT
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          Turning Automatic Lathe - swiss lathe

          Turning Automatic Lathe - swiss lathe

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