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          Plum  &  Partner WerkzeugmaschInen GmbH   Bünde Winkelstraße 32 Deutschland

          Punching Press

          PEDDINGHAUS Stanzfix 25

          Plum & Partner Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

          Winkelstraße 32 · 32257 - Bünde
          +49 05223 574444
          +49 5223188330

          Machine data

          TypePunching Press
          TypeStanzfix 25
          Date of construction
          Storage locationBünde bei Bielefeld
          Country of originDeutschland
          Delivery timeimmediately
          Delivery termsex stock

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          pressure25 t
          punching cross-cut in cmm,
          stroke18 mm
          no. of strokes70 Hub/min
          throat185 mm
          dayligth189 mm
          puncher perforates 16 mm diameter in12 mm
          puncher perforates 27 mm diameter in7 mm
          Drive1 kW
          weight of the machine ca.300 kg
          dimensions of the machine ca.805 x 500 x 1500 mm


          Electric 380 Volt
          Punches and diesca. 35
          Food activate


          Additional informatio

          All achievement data refer to a material strength of 400 N/mm ².
          Machine dealer with own stock of 2500 m².
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          Punching Press

          Punching Press

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