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          MHS-Industry MHS - WerkzeugmaschInen  Ellwangen An der Mühle 21 Deutschland

          Machining centre

          HERMLE UWF 1202H


          MHS - Werkzeugmaschinen
          An der Mühle 21 · 73479 - Ellwangen
          07965 - 802494
          07965 - 802495

          Machine data

          TypeMachining centre
          TypeUWF 1202H
          Date of construction1995
          Storage location73479 Ellwangen
          Country of originDeutschland
          Delivery timeimmediately
          Delivery termsex Warehouse

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          travel850 mm
          length630 mm
          width500 mm


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          Additional informatio

          A machining centre adds versatility to your business

          Machining Centre: a versatile tool for your metalworking needs

          Machining centres are multi-functional tools in the maching of solid materials usually metals. They are distinguished from other forms of cutting by the fact that the machining centre itself moves as opposed to the work piece. Machining centres also known as milling machines come in a variety of sizes from small models for home workspaces to large industrial models for factories. Find your next used machining centre at LagerMaschinen your source for quality used equipment.

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          The term 'machining centre' can be further subdivided into specific types of centres namely horizontal and vertical based on the orientation of the spindle. A vertical machining centre is usually best suited projects where intricacy and precision are required while horizontal machining centres offer operators a higher rate of production and output. Whether you're shopping as a hobbyist or a business owner you can find the right used machining centre for you from wide selection available at LagerMaschinen.

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          Storage technology makes manufacturing easier

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          Machining centre

          Machining centre

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