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          SCHäffer WerkzeugmaschInenhandel GmbH   Speyer Gr. Gailergasse 20 Deutschland

          Machining Center - Vertical

          HURON EX C

          Schäffer Werkzeugmaschinenhandel GmbH

          Gr. Gailergasse 20 · 67346 - Speyer

          Machine data

          TypeMachining Center - Vertical
          TypeEX C
          Date of construction1998
          Storage locationab Standort frei LKW
          Country of originFrankreich
          Delivery timekurzfristig
          Delivery termsab Werk frei LKW


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          Technical details

          x-travel1600 mm
          y-travel700 mm
          z-travel600 mm
          table surface area2000x750 mm
          tool taperHSK 63A
          turning speeds100-14000 U/min
          milling-head swivable +/-B-Achse +/- 100 °
          feed stepless1-30.000 mm/min
          spindle drive25 kW
          total power requirement60 kW
          weight of the machine ca.17,5 t


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          Additional informatio

          Buy your used vertical machining center from LagerMaschinen.

          A vertical machining center from LagerMaschinen is just what you need.

          A vertical machining center is a tool used in machine shops. As its name indicates the cutters on this machine are vertically oriented. The vertical machining center is ideal for work that involves cutting on one plane or diesinking which is the process of making moulds amongst other things. This type of machining center can be manually or automatically operated. Since the mid 1900s many companies employ a CNC machining center to improve precision. The vertical machining center comes in a wide variety of sizes from small machines that are perfect for hobby machinists to massive machines that fill a room. Regardless of the size machine you need you can be sure to find just the vertical machining center you are looking for at LagerMaschinen.

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          For many companies – in particular small and new companies - the price of a new vertical machining center can be a burden. Companies involved in milling and machining can trust in LagerMaschinen’s extensive network of experts and professionals: the vertical machine center fulfills rigorous standards ensuring the highest quality possible at a price cheaper that that of a new machine. Businesses involved in moulding and casting need to be sure that their equipment meets safety requirements for materials and operators alike to ensure the best results on the job. With LagerMaschinen by your side you can work with your vertical machining center knowing you have the quality you need at the price you want.

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          Machining Center - Vertical

          Machining Center - Vertical

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