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          Aleman MachInes E.k.   Lauchheim Am Mühlweg 1 ( Lager Kugeltalstraße  33) Deutschland


          REINHARDT IV 100

          Aleman Machines e.K.

          Am Mühlweg 1 ( Lager Kugeltalstraße 33) · 73466 - Lauchheim
          +49 (0)7363-6098 20
          +49 (0)7363-6098 19

          Machine data

          TypeIV 100
          Date of construction2014
          Storage locationSueddeutschland
          Country of originGermany
          Delivery timeimmediately
          Delivery termsex work

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          total power requirement9,5 kW
          temperature50 - 200 °
          dimensions of the machine ca.186 x 151 x 135 mm


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          Additional informatio

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