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          Schmeisser WerkzeugmaschInen   Günzburg Lochfelbenstrasse 2 Deutschland

          Center Lathe

          WEILER Praktikant 160

          Schmeisser Werkzeugmaschinen

          Lochfelbenstrasse 2 · 89312 - Günzburg

          Machine data

          TypeCenter Lathe
          TypePraktikant 160
          Date of construction1988
          Storage location89312 Günzburg
          Country of originGermany
          Delivery timeimmediately, subject to prior
          Delivery termsex warehouse, FOT

          Machine photos


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          Technical details

          turning diameter over bed320 mm
          turning diameter over slide rest175 mm
          turning length650 mm
          turning speed range48 - 2500 U/min
          feeds - longitudinal0,02 - 0,63 mm/U
          feeds - cross0,32 x Längsvorschub mm/U
          3-jaw-chuck diametermax.165 mm
          centre height160 mm
          spindle bore40 mm
          spindle head55027 / 5
          Motor power2,4/ 3 kw


          Optical condition: normal and cleaned
          Mechanic: good
          The machine can be viewed under current.


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          Additional informatio

          88 160 1393
          380 V - 50 Hz, color: green

          "Compliance with the Machinery Directive"


          * Engine brake
          * Spindle protection in emergency Integrated from chain
          * new spindle protection
          * Spänerückwand
          * Guide and stem cover
          * Not off switch 2 x
          * Interrogator box with limit switch queried
          * Tailstock hedge
          * Bidding and prohibition signs according to machinery directive

          * 3-axis digital display Heidenhain ND 770 (outdated)
          * Pliers clamping device
          * 1 set = 55 pieces collets 1.0 - 29.0 mm
          * Multifix holder Gr. A with 3 inserts
          * Center of grain revolving (new)
          * Center point firmly
          * 3 jaw lathe chuck 160 mm, with turning and drilling jaws
          * 4 jaw lathe chuck 160 mm, with turning jaws
          * Multiple stop
          * Coolant facility
          * Machine shoes

          * Rotary test 0.02 mm flying on 150 mm!

          Operating instructions, spare parts list, wiring diagram and key
          Machine is workshop tested and comes with electrical test record
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          Center Lathe

          Center Lathe

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