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          Glaub WerkzeugmaschInen GmbH   Neuenstadt am Kocher Industriestraße 36 Deutschland

          CNC Lathe

          EMCO MAXXTURN 65

          Glaub Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

          Industriestraße 36 · 74194 - Neuenstadt am Kocher
          +49 (0) 7139 9366 744
          +49 (0) 7139 9365 794

          Machine data

          TypeCNC Lathe
          TypeMAXXTURN 65
          Date of construction2007
          Storage locationDeutschland
          Country of originAustria
          Delivery timeBy arrangement
          Delivery terms


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          Technical details

          turning diameter- mm
          turning length- mm


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          Additional informatio

          CNC Lathes provide accuracy for the most important projects.

          CNC Lathes guarantee complete accuracy and uniform results.

          When mass-producing a tool part or complete product absolute accuracy is key. With Computer Numerical Control - CNC - accuracy is now guaranteed and no longer dependent on human control. CNC lathes have replaced conventional lathes in the last few years particularly regarding products where measurements must be absolutely uniform as a matter of safety. Exact specifications and measurements are loaded into the machine as a data file and after a trial run pieces are cut with complete precision while under the supervision of a CNC lathe operator. In this way CNC lathes are guaranteed to last for many years as the heavy physical strain put on normal lathe machines is not the case here. CNC lathes can be extremely expensive when bought new but now with LagerMaschinen you can still outfit your business with a CNC lathe without overstepping your company budget.

          Purchase a used CNC lathe with LagerMaschinen

          LagerMaschinen has developed several features in the last few years designed to optimize your purchasing experience. Its online platform cross-references used machines based on location specifications and price. Communicate with current owners and experts in your field to find the best used CNC lathes for your business needs. Additionally LagerMaschinen's delivery and installation services will save you time money and frustration. LagerMaschinen prides itself on providing a practical and affordable business solution for businesses that need to find reliable used machinery. Find the perfect used CNC lathes today with LagerMaschinen.

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          CNC Lathe

          CNC Lathe

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