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          SKM IndustriemaschInen   Weißenhorn Röntgenstr. 3 Deutschland

          Band Saw - Automatic - Horizontal

          MEP SHARK 332 NC-EVO

          SKM Industriemaschinen

          Röntgenstr. 3 · 89264 - Weißenhorn
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          Machine data

          TypeBand Saw - Automatic - Horizontal
          TypeSHARK 332 NC-EVO
          Date of construction2010
          Storage locationBayern - 89264 Weißenhorn
          Country of originItaly
          Delivery timeimmediately
          Delivery termsfree on truck, ex Warehouse


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          Technical details

          cutting diameter300 mm
          saw band length3320 x 27 x 0,9 mm
          cutting range max.gerade 330 x 260 mm
          capacity 45 degrees: flat270 x 200 mm
          capacity 45 degrees: round260 mm
          capacity 45 degrees: square250 x 250 mm
          capacity 60 degrees: flat170 x 170 mm
          capacity 60 degrees: round180 mm
          capacity 60 degrees: square170 x 170 mm
          capacity 90 degrees: flat330 x 260 mm
          capacity 90 degrees: round300 mm
          capacity 90 degrees: square260 x 260 mm
          clamping range335 mm
          cutting speed15-100 m/min
          total power requirement2,2 kW
          weight of the machine ca.1,1 t
          dimensions of the machine ca.2620 x 2320 x 2000 mm


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          Additional informatio

          incl. 3 Meter roller conveyors
          incl. 17 Pcs. Saw Blades

          SHARK 332 NC evo, electrohydraulic band sawing machine with multimicroprocessor
          which can
          operate in automatic, semi-automatic, semiautomatic/dynamic and manual mode. -
          Automatic cycle (to cut from 0° to 60° left):
          CNC machine with controlled double axis so as
          to obtain, on the same bar, 1000 different lots
          each of different lengths and quantities. - Semi-automatic,
          semi-automatic/dynamic and manual cycle (for cuts from 45° right to 60° left).
          - Semi-automatic/dynamic cycle: lowering the head manually, so as to position
          it just above
          the material, the semi-automatic cycle starts by
          pressing trigger switch on handle. The manual or semi-automatic/dynamic cutting
          cycles are free of any parameters, for the execution of odd cuts.
          A FEW FEATURES:
          NEW protections for the operator safety.
          - Console with all centralized controls, installed
          on an articulated arm to follow the operator in every operating position for
          the controls and the
          - Field bus control system (MODBUS protocol)
          with double microprocessor with serial connection. - Display: 20 characters
          read on four lines so as
          to visualize technological parameters such as: band speed - number of cuts
          programmed and carried out - band thickness - length fed in each stroke -
          cutting time - amperometer - band tensioning - diagnostics and/or caution
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          Band Saw - Automatic - Horizontal

          Band Saw - Automatic - Horizontal

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