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            Trader Profile:   Hans - Jürgen Geiger
          Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH

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            Hans - Jürgen Geiger
          Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH

           James-Watt-Str. 12
            72555 - Metzingen

          Profile of Trader

          Our company was founded by the current managing director, Hans-Jürgen Geiger, in 1968.
          We have expanded over the years and now have a warehouse area of more than 10,000 m² (with a crane capacity of up to 25 tons), making us one of the most important trading companies in Europe. We always have more than approximately 500 secondhand machines on stock. Mainly German and Swiss quality brands are available, and great care is taken to uphold our tradition of superior workmanship. 
          Our personnel is schooled to make every effort to help our clients find a machine which is exactly right for their requirements. 
          We are proud of our friendly and competent service. After more than 40 years of practice in this business, where competition is hard, our success in Germany and on the worldwide market vouches for our seriousness and for the quality of our machines.

            EAMTM Brussels (International). We are members since 1980.

             MAIN SPECIALITY
            Our main speciality is gear generating machines. We are one of the worldwide leaders in this area and always have a large selection of all types of gear machines available.

            We also deal with DISKUS Double-Sided Surface Grinders, which are relatively seldom available on the market. We always have a choice of between 10 and 20 excellent machines on stock.


          We buy machines and production plants from all over the world. If you sell us your machines, you can be sure of prompt inspection, payment, transportation, etc.


            Our management takes pains to provide every customer with expert before-sale consultation; and reliable after-sale service, also with regard to procurement of spare parts, etc. Clients are welcome to visit our warehouses at any time. Machines which are of interest can be inspected under power, after prior appointment.


            We can arrange for reasonably priced transportation if required. All machines are rust-protected and properly packed before they leave our stock. Machines being sent to overseas destinations are usually sent in containers, and in this important area we have a lot of packing experience, so that machines are certain to arrive in good order.


            Our after-sale service includes helping you to procure accessories and spare parts for our machines in the future.


            We can also recommend companies who specialize in reconditioning and retrofitting, etc.

             PRICE ESTIMATES

            If you are selling your company, or your production machines, and need a price estimate, our Director, Hans-Jürgen Geiger, is a qualified authority (FDM and EAMTM) and will be happy to help you.


          How to find our company if you are driving:
          Coming on the A81/A8 (direction munich), please take the exit to B27 direction Tuebingen/Reutlingen. After about 10 km take the branch of direction Metzingen and after another 10 km please take the 1.exit Metzingen (industrial area Laengenfeld), take a left at the first opportunity and take another left at the junction, after 150 m you find us on the right side in the James-Watt-street 12.

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          Our company is located near to Stuttgart International Airport. We would be happy to pick you up from there.

          There is a railway station in Metzingen. A train schedule is available on the internet at We can pick you up from the station. 

          Our office and showrooms are open from Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1800 hours. Other times by appointment only. We are closed for two weeks for the Christmas Holiday, from 21st December until 7th January. 

          Metzingen is located in a very pretty area in the south of Germany. It is famous for its good wines and for its various factory outlets (including Hugo Boss and Escada). 

          We can help you find a good hotel if you want to spend some time here.

          Machine-Category of Trader

          Abfallschere Abkantpresse - hydraulisch Abwälzfräs- und Stoßmaschine -kombiniert Auswuchtmaschine Bandsäge - horizontal Bandsäge - Vertikal Bandsägeautomat - Horizontal Bearbeitungszentrum - Horizontal Bearbeitungszentrum - Universal Bearbeitungszentrum - Vertikal Blechentgratungsmaschine Bohr- und Fräsmaschine Bohrerschleifmaschine Bohrmaschine Bohrwerkstisch Bügelsägeautomat CNC Drehmaschine CNC-Karusselldrehmaschine - Einständer Doppelscheibenschleifmaschine Doppelscheibenschleifmaschine - vertik. Drahterodiermaschine Dreh-,Schwenk-, und Kipptisch Drehmaschine - zyklengesteuert Einständer - Ziehpresse - Hydraulisch Einständerpresse - Hydraulisch Entgratmaschine Federprüfmaschine Feinschleifmaschine Flachschleifmaschine Flachschleifmaschine - Horizontal Formfräser-Schärfmaschine Fräsmaschine - Universal Fräswerkzeuge Futterautomat - Einspindel Gewinde-Schnecken-Schleifmaschine Gewindefräsmaschine Gewindeschleifmaschine Gewindewirbelmaschine Graviermaschine Hobel-, Fräs- und Schleifmaschine Hochfrequenzspindel Hochgeschwindigkeits Bearbeitungszentrum Honmaschine - handbetätigt Honmaschine - Innen - Vertikal Hydraulische - Doppelständerziehpresse Hydraulische - Viersäulenpresse Hydraulische - Zweisäulenpresse Härteanlage - Induktion Härteofen Innenschleifmaschine Kaltkreissäge Kaltkreissäge - Vertikal Kaltwalzmaschine Kegelrad - Läppmaschine Kegelrad-Prüfmaschine Kegelradschleifmaschine Keilwellenschleifmaschine Koordinatenmeßmaschine Koordinatenschleifmaschine Kurbelwellenbandfinishmaschine Langdrehautomat Lehrenbohrwerk - Vertikal Leit- und Zugspindeldrehmaschine Leiterplattenfertigungsmaschine Läppmaschine Messmaschine Nutenziehmaschine Oberfräsmaschine Ofen - Elektro Plandrehbank Plattenbohrwerk - Horizontal Plattensägen vertikal Profilprojektor Präzisionsbandsäge Punktschweißmaschine Radialbohrmaschine Reihenbohrmaschine Richtmaschine Richtpresse - Doppelständer Rißprüfmaschine Rundschleifmaschine - Außen Rundschleifmaschine - Universal Rundtischflachschleifmaschine - Vertikal Rundtischflächenschleifmaschine - Horiz. Schabrad-Schärfmaschine Schleifscheibenprofiliergerät Schneidradschärfmaschine Schweißanlage Schwenkbarer - Rundtisch Senkerodiermaschine Sonderfeinbohrmaschine Sondermaschine Spitzenlose - Rundschleifmaschine Stanzautomat - Doppelständer Strangpressen Säulenbohrmaschine Tafelschere - hydraulisch Tafelschere - mechanisch Teilapparat Tieflochbohrmaschine Tischbohrwerk Trennschleifmaschine Tuschierpresse Universal - Rundtisch Vorschubapparat Werkzeugfräsmaschine - Universal Werkzeugschleifmaschine Werkzeugschleifmaschine - Universal Wickelmaschine Wärmeofen Zahnflankenschleifmaschine Zahnkantenfräsmaschine Zahnrad-Abwälzfräsmaschine - horizontal Zahnrad-Abwälzfräsmaschine - vertikal Zahnradhonmaschine Zahnradprüfmaschine Zahnradschleifmaschine Zahnradstossmaschine Zahnstangenfräsmaschine Zentrumschleifmaschine Zugprüfmaschine