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          Folding Machine - programs and pamphlets in a flash!

          In the office - letter folding machines etc.

          Paper folders or paper folding machines are very commonly used in an office setting for large mail-outs and other similar projects. C-fold Z-fold and half-fold are most common but other options are available with various folding machines. Some machines use a wheel to pull the paper in while pneumatic machines use vacuum force to pull the paper in thus allowing for glossy or otherwise slick paper. Folding machines are either constructed on the basis of pushing paper through at high speeds at a predetermined angle which forces the paper to buckle. Knife-based folding machines strike the paper with a 'knife' which is too dull to cut the paper but hard enough to produce the desired fold.

          Folder inserters - for large mail outs and other projects.

          Folder inserters are a type of folding machine used for any project involving large mailings. This may include sending bills letters or advertising to a large group at once. A folder inserter will first fold the letter or bill and then insert it into an appropriately sized folder. These machines are either adjusted automatically or manually depending on the model. The purpose of a folder inserter is too complete a mailing far quicker than any person possibly could and with more precision.

          Folder sealers

          The folder sealing machine can be used to seal folders containing pressure-sensitive paper (such as carbon copy duplicates and triplicates). These folding machines use a special sort of glue specifically designed for this purpose. In this way the contents of the folder are protected and nevertheless the envelopes are successfully sealed.

          Folding Machines increase printing productivity.

          Used folding machines greatly increase productivity

          Folding machines can greatly increase productivity and output when printing large quantities. Whether you're printing concert programs informational brochures or pamphlets for an event purchasing one of LagerMaschinen's many available used folding machines will positively impact your output without negatively affecting your budget. When printing a large and uniform order one of our many used folding machines can save you time and money. Additionally features such as stuffing and sealing envelopes can be useful when sending out mass mailings. While man-hours can certainly be spent stuffing and sealing envelopes imagine how much faster one of LagerMaschinens's used folding machines could complete the task.

          Used folding machines of all types speed productivity and output

          There are several types of used folding machines. Buckle folders press the paper until it buckles then creates a straightedge seam. Knife folders dent the paper with a dull knife between two rollers. Both of these machines are manually powered but pneumatic machines are also available (resulting in a much higher productivity rate than the manual machines). Whatever your needs LagerMaschinen will surely be able to find the correct machine to suit your needs. While purchasing a new machine can be a blind process full of confusing information LagerMaschinen will consult with you and find the correct machine for your business. LagerMaschinen also offers delivery installation and introduction to the addition to your business. With LagerMaschinen your specific requirements will be taken into consideration before choosing which used folding machines is right for you.

          Hydraulic Plate Shear from

          Hydraulic plate shear from LagerMaschinen - a good choice

          When purchasing a hydraulic plate shear it’s important to gauge the precision of the machine. Luckily LagerMaschinen's experts are well-versed in machine calibration and precision gears. The hydraulic plate shear used for slicing large boards among many different materials absolutely exacts precision for its various tasks. By purchasing your used machine namely a hydraulic plate shear from LagerMaschinen you ensure 100% quality as well as safety. LagerMaschinen's custom installation service will provide your staff with all needed information. Get started today!

's hydraulic plate shear

          By buying your used hydraulic plate shear from you ensure not only a wiser financial decision for your small business but you also increase your professional network. Using the LagerMaschinen platform you can interact with sellers of every machine available including the hydraulic plate shear thereby obtaining their advice or guidance most often in your geographical area. Your hydraulic plate shear from LagerMaschinen is therefore not only an investment in your business but possibly an investment in your professional network.

          Hydraulic plate shear - built to last

          The hydraulic plate shear especially when bought used needs special care. By interacting with both's sellers and with LagerMaschinen experts themselves you gain knowledge as well as a new business contact along the way. Additionally take advantage of's delivery and installation service including a demonstration of your new - but used - machine. By purchasing your hydraulic plate shear through LagerMaschinen you'll simply add to the list of clients who love this service. Join today and start searching for the perfect machine.

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