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          used Other Machines Fork Lift Truck LINDE E 30-02

          • Karl Günter Wirths GmbH
          • Scharpenberger Strasse 96-98
          • 58256 Ennepetal
          • Deutschland

          • 02333-79050
          #1041-26743 · Fork Lift Truck

          LINDE - E 30-02 - - 1998 -

          Technical details
          weight max. in kg 3000 kg︱stroke 3050 mm︱fork length 1000 mm︱total power requirement kW︱weight of the machine ca. 3,55 t︱dimensions of the machine ca. 2 x 3,8 x 3 m︱
            weight max. in kg 3000 kg
            stroke 3050 mm
            fork length 1000 mm
            weight of the machine ca. 3,55 t
            dimensions of the machine ca. 2 x 3,8 x 3 m
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            Trader Profile:   Karl Günter Wirths GmbH

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            Karl Günter Wirths GmbH
           Scharpenberger Strasse 96-98
            58256 Ennepetal

          Profile of Trader

          About us - Wirths GmbH in Ennepetal

          wirths gmbh.Karl G. Wirths founded the company in 1956 as a mechanical workshop. 1961 he developed a die shop for pressing and forming dies. In that time 30 employees were working as die makers in the work shop.
          Parallel Karl G. Wirths started a shop for refurbishment of machine tools. That was also the start for the machine tool business.

          The die shop was closed 1972 but the machine tool business was developed.

          In 1972 the first stock was erected. Up to now buildings with up to 50 t crane capacity.

          In that stock we always keep approx. 250 machines.

          We are not focused on a one time business but on a long term business relative with our domestic customers and customers from all places around the world.

          Contact us

          Wirths GmbHKarl Günter Wirths GmbH
          Scharpenberger Str. 96-98
          D-58256 Ennepetal / Germany

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          Karl Günter Wirths GmbH   58256 Ennepetal Scharpenberger Strasse 96-98 Deutschland
          Karl Günter Wirths GmbH

          Scharpenberger Strasse 96-98

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            Karl Günter Wirths GmbH
           Scharpenberger Strasse 96-98
            58256 Ennepetal
            Contact person:

          ACHTUNG: NEUE FAX Nr. 02333 790555

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