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Double Flank Gear Testing Machine SCHOPPE & FAESER 2-Flankenwaelzpruefgeraet
Stock no. 1139-00207

Double Flank Gear Testing Machine





Year 2000
State Used machine
control konventionell
Storage location Giebelstadt/Würzburg 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time now
Quotation EXW, free loaded
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Technical Details
max. wheel diameter 300 mm
gear width 300 mm
gearing angle 0 °
total power requirement 0,1 kW
weight of the machine ca. 40 kg
dimensions of the machine ca. 1,0 x 0,3 x 0,8 m
axe distance 25 - 150 mm
max. workpiece weight with clamping 20 kg

The device can be used for 2-flank testing of spur and helical gears with the parameters fi and Fi . On the device, you can of course also testing contact pattern. The device has on both sides a tailstock for clamping gears and master gears between centers. The deviations are calculated on the swing slide over a mechanic dial indicater. The coupling is manual driven. The device can be inspected in our stock in Würzburg/Germany. The tester is in good condition. Come for inspection. We have also many other gear tester and gear machines in our stock, as well as other machine tools.


Photo 1 SCHOPPE & Faeser 2-Flankenwaelzpruefgeraet
Photo 2 SCHOPPE & Faeser 2-Flankenwaelzpruefgeraet

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Zuefle GmbH
Zuefle GmbH
Levi-Strauss-Str. 121
97232 - Giebelstadt
  Phone: + 49 (0) 9334-978608-0
  Fax: + 49 (0) 9334-978608-2


SCHOPPE & Faeser: Double Flank Gear Testing Machine Double Flank Gear Testing Machine SCHOPPE & Faeser 2-Flankenwaelzpruefgeraet