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Draw bench Haginger 250/3
Stock no. 1132-403524R

Draw bench





Year 1981/2006
State Used machine
control CNC
Storage location ab Standort 
Country of origin Austria 
Delivery time to be discussed
Quotation ex location
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Technical Details
pulling capacity 25 t
drawing length 13 000 mm
working area 12 - 80 mm

Triple drawing chain bench for tubes and bars
with Pre-banch

Make: Haginger
Type: 250/3
Year: 1981/2006

Traction: 25 tons.
Suitable for. Single, double,triple draw
Working range: Ø 12-80 mm tubes
12-50 mm bars
Drawing speed: continuously 2 to 60 m / min
Rewind speed. Max. 120 m / min
Drawing length: Max. 13 meter

Electric: Siemens S7

Main motor: 200 kW
Operating voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
Control voltage: 24 V

There are 4 saws integrated in this line.

a matching tube pointer
(for tag ends on thin-wall tubestubes) can be supplied

The equipment is in excellent condition.


Photo 1 Haginger 250 / 3
Photo 2 Haginger 250 / 3
Photo 1 Haginger 250 / 3
Photo 2 Haginger 250 / 3
Photo 1 Haginger 250 / 3
Photo 2 Haginger 250 / 3

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Haginger: Draw bench Draw bench Haginger 250 / 3