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Tryout Press - hydraulic A + B DPM 1070-100
Stock no. 1008-8371063

Tryout Press - hydraulic


A + B


DPM 1070-100

Year of Manufacture
State New machine
control konventionell
Storage location Ahaus 
Country of origin  
Delivery time immediately
Quotation ab Lager
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Technical Details
pressure 100 t
stroke 300 mm
table surface area 1070 x 260 mm
column travel between the guideways 1070 mm
ajustment speed 8,0 mm/sec
working feed 5,0 mm/sec
return speed 10,0 mm/sec
engine output 5,5 kW
weight of the machine ca. 1500 kg.
dimensions of the machine ca. 2050 x 1000 x 2200 mm



Photo 1 A + B DPM 1070-100
Photo 2 A + B DPM 1070-100
Photo 1 A + B DPM 1070-100
Photo 2 A + B DPM 1070-100
Photo 1 A + B DPM 1070-100

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A + B Werkzeuge Maschinen Handels GmbH
A + B Werkzeuge Maschinen Handels GmbH
Rottweg 17
48683 - Ahaus
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  Fax: (0049)-2561 9384 36-
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A + B: Tryout Press - hydraulic Tryout Press - hydraulic A + B DPM 1070-100