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Punching and shearing system Finn-Power SG 6
Stock no. 1044-2824

Punching and shearing system




SG 6

Year 1999
State Used machine
control CNC Sinumerik 840D
Storage location Schweiz 
Country of origin Finland 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation ex. position
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Technical Details
Punching capacity 300 kN
control Sinumerik 840D
sheet thickness - max. 8 mm
Plate size 1528x3061
weight of the machine ca. 40 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 35x15 m

specially for the production of tool cabinets and steel cabinets
loading unit for punching
shearing combination
bending unit with roboter
further details accoring to technical information attached
completely line approx. 35 x 15 meter
working hours of the bending unit: 66.100 h
working hours of the punching machine: 86.000 h


Photo 1 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 2 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 1 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 2 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 1 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 2 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 1 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 2 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 1 Finn-Power SG 6
Photo 2 Finn-Power SG 6

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Finn-Power: Punching and shearing system Punching and shearing system Finn-Power SG 6