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Turning Tool Grinding Machine REMA DS 12 ST
Stock no. 1035-04065

Turning Tool Grinding Machine




DS 12 ST

Year of Manufacture 1985
State Used machine
control konventionell
Storage location 89312 Günzburg 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time immediately, subject to prior
Quotation ex warehouse, free on truck
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Technical Details
grinding wheel diameter 175 mm
no. of working stations 2 Stück
turning speeds 1450/2900 U/min
dimensions of grinding wheel 175 x 60 x 51 mm
grinding motor 0,6/0,73 kW
shaft cross cut max. 40 mm
total power requirement 0,9 kW
weight of the machine ca. kg
dimensions of the machine ca. m
The machine can be viewed under current.
Mechanic: very good
Optical condition: very good
The machine can be viewed under current.

380 V, 50 Hz, colour: green
* cooling equipment
* machine light
* base
* moving carrier plate tilting -/+ 20° with stopper -/+ 90°
* span guiding step facility with sliding table -/+ 15°
steel holder connector 3-fold adjustable, till 40 mm q
* reducing insert for steel max. 16 mm q


Photo 1 REMA DS 12 ST
Photo 2 REMA DS 12 ST
Photo 1 REMA DS 12 ST
Photo 2 REMA DS 12 ST
Photo 1 REMA DS 12 ST

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Schmeisser Werkzeugmaschinen
Schmeisser Werkzeugmaschinen
Lochfelbenstrasse 2
89312 - Günzburg
  Phone: 08221-3689630
  Fax: 08221-3689632


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REMA: Turning Tool Grinding Machine Turning Tool Grinding Machine REMA DS 12 ST