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Special Machine FESTO
Stock no. 1005-13596

Special Machine




Year of Manufacture 2004
State Used machine
control konventionell
Storage location Nürnberg 
Country of origin  
Delivery time ready for delivery
Quotation FCA (D-90441 Nuernberg)
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Technical Details
weight of the machine ca. 1,00 t

This is an automatic assembly machine for pressing of plastic
closures in plastic threaded lid . ( For plastic bottles ) Description of
assembly machines : This system consists of five main components 1 transport
and supply belt right side of the inner part 2 funding pot 400mm with feed for
the inner part 3 transport and supply belt left side of the outer sleeve 4
parts container for the outer sleeve 5 . joining and Assembly Station This
machine is suitable two parts , an outer sleeve and an inner part to Add and
Install . Inside: For this, the inner part is directed via a feeding bowl and
a feeding led to the conveyor belt , spread across two tracks and mounting
station transported . Outer sleeve : The outer sleeve is directed aufgelegtund
the conveyor belt as a bulk material by hand from a Teilebehälterauf and
distributed on two tracks transported to the assembly station . Assembly
station : once both parts exact position in the assembly station are wirdder
air cylinder gestartet.Dieser moves with the joint stamp (two) in the inner
part , on presses sprung pawls and adds the inner part in the
Außenhülse.Gleichzeitig is queried via a spring-loaded contact the
installation finished dimension . If this point is not reached, for example
because a part is missing , the machine stehen.Nachdem remains the parts are
mounted together , drive the two mounting tools on the cylinder back into the
Ausgangsstellung.Die two inner parts slide immediately after the punch the has
WegFreigegeben in the mounting seat and be sprung hold pawls down
gesichert.Die outer sleeves by pawls acting kept from the side and after the
cylinder to the start position, enter the pawls the way and the outer sleeve
is au position is gedrückt.Jetzt all ready for the next assembly operation .
Posted and tuned is the automatic assembly machine for AUß


Photo 1 FESTO
Photo 2 FESTO
Photo 1 FESTO
Photo 2 FESTO
Photo 1 FESTO
Photo 2 FESTO

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Kleinlein Johann Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH&Co.KG
Kleinlein Johann Werkzeugmaschinen
Elisenstraße 4
90441 - Nürnberg
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FESTO: Special Machine Special Machine FESTO