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Forging Hammer BECHE L4-150kg
Stock no. 1132-403566

Forging Hammer





Year of Manufacture 1960
State Used machine
control konventionell
Storage location Willich 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation EX WORKS
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Technical Details
Capacity Bärgewicht/Press force 150 kg
stroke 350 mm
weight of the machine ca. 4,7 t
pressure t
dimensions of the machine ca. m
total power requirement kW


Constr. Beche
Type L4-150kg
year ca. 1960
Ram weight 150 kg
Stroke 350 mm
Strokes per minute 180

Total needed power 38 kw

Total weight approx. 4,7 to.


Photo 1 BECHE L4-150kg
Photo 2 BECHE L4-150kg

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BECHE: Forging Hammer Forging Hammer Beche L4-150kg