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Roller leveller SCHUBERT WM 1/220
Stock no. 1073-6845

Roller leveller




WM 1/220

Year 1970/2016
State Used machine
Storage location D-74889 Sinsheim 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time after arrangement
Quotation EXW- ex works (free on Truck)
More info

Technical Details
material width 0220 mm
material thickness 5,00 mm
no. of straightening rolls 19
sheet thickness - min. 0,13 mm
diam. of the rolls ca. 18 mm
barrel length ca. 220 mm
between stands ca. 220 mm
straightening rolls - bronze bearings ja/yes
back-up rolls-needle bearings ja/yes
speed ca. 10-18 m/min.
total power requirement 1,7 kW
weight of the machine ca. 0,52 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 1,10 x 0,75 x 1,25 m

- inlet- and outlet table
- max. vertical gap between rolls: 8 mm
- instructions for use
- 4 new measuring watches

The leveler SCHUBERT is completely disassembled, cleaned
and checked in our factory.

Test with your material is possible after an arrangement.


Photo 1 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 2 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 1 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 2 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 1 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 2 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 1 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 2 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220
Photo 1 1 WM SCHUBERT / 220

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Frech GmbH
Frech GmbH
Werderstr. 82
74889 - Sinsheim
  Phone: (0049) - (0) 7261 1011-
  Fax: (0049) - (0) 7261 63966-


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SCHUBERT: Roller leveler Roller leveler SCHUBERT WM 1 / 220