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Frame press SCHAFBERGER + SPROEDHUBER Super - Video -
Stock no. 1305-2349

Frame press




Super - Video -

Year gebraucht
State Used machine
control konventionell
Storage location Oberkochen 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation ex warehouse
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Technical Details
Working width 4500 mm
Working height 2600 mm
Number of cylinders 6 St.

Machine new and immediately available from stock -

S + S frame press - fully automatic model Super
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
CE version

The only selbstumrüstende high-frame Press fully automatic,
wherein the timber need not be pre-inserted.
The width and height adjustment is in by direct loading of the workpieces
the press section, without losing time, accomplished.
The frame press machine of the superclass.

Basic machine in the strongest frame weldment, from oversized,
thick-walled special profiles.
Guideways for printing bar and sliding table in abrasion poor,
wide planed execution.

Continuous abutment left over for heavy duty
Latitudinal pressing, mounted on a base frame.

Continuous abutment below in severe execution
directly connected to the base frame and machine base.
Loading height 500 mm.

All abutments with fine adjustment for absolute angular accuracy and
Long-term precision.

Sliding table right with faster, automatically-motor
Width adjustment with guaranteed parallel operation. Automatic, hydraulic

Central drive for dimensional adjustment horizontally and vertically, with a
high switching frequency
and adjustment and automatic width and height adjustment

2 vertical cylinder, double acting, with 250 mm cylinder stroke and 2000 kp
Pressure force adjustable.

2 Horizontal cylinder, double acting, with 80 mm cylinder stroke and 1850 kp
Pressure force adjustable.

Press the upper right corner, in difficult milled version, with automatic

Free Permanent Press corners
Bearing surfaces in leimabweisender execution

Abutment and pressure plate depth = 90 mm

8-holding and positioning device for the absolute bulk loading
all individual timber in the press area (without pre- and plugging)
i.e. each frame part held and positioned is patched.

Automatic double-clamping and positioning device for the upper frame wood,
with integrated automatic Werkstückauftransport
(Time and handling savings on a large scale).

All frame single timber is placed directly into the press section.

Program Choices:
manual motorized via touch controls,
fully automatically via Optoelectronics for dimensional adjustment incl.
pressing cycle
in conjunction with safety light barrier.

Automatic, Diplomatic controlled press cycle
Pulsing, press down vertically - solve - horizontal press down-solving -
vertical / horizontal presses.

Control cabinet use low left mounted on the base frame.
The latest PLC control with fault diagnostics (battery-free).
Fast, optoelectronic measurement setting.

Hydraulic supply system adjustable from 25 to 100 bar.

Electric hand control, freely positionable work for fast, especially
at large and complicated frame structures (with setting woods and
Fighters) for one-man operation.

Work safety package with safety light barrier, covered rear wall and
side access protection according to the EU machinery directive.

Electrical equipment:
Power consumption 3 KW, 400 V, 50 Hz.
Pneumatic connection: R ¼ inches, max. 8 bar

Paint: RAL 7035 light gray, turquoise blue with RAL 5018

Work Size: Length x Height = 4500 x 2600 mm

In vorgestecktem frame the press height increases by 180 mm

1 medium pressure bar working height 2600 mm with automatic adjustment
in height, complete with pressure cylinders, pressure hose and check valve

Single Pressure Control for medium pressure bar (for crimping
Cross lattice windows)

Cross printing facility complete with impression cylinder, continuously
Pressure hose and Absperventil

Individual pressure control for cross-pressure device (for crimping
Cross lattice windows)

Additional Absperventil

Between allowance Kleinstmaßverpressung for bridging the 1st pressure beam,
including check valve on 1 vertical cylinder.

Triangle studio window pressing device (only for manual operation)
consisting of:
5 attachable, side guided pendulum pressure plates, locking the
Vertical pressure beams, pneumatic coupling for the central operation of the
Vertical pressure beam.

Top box equipment (only for manual operation)
consisting of:
Double pendulum pressure plates

Selector switch for activation of the pneumatic hold-down device in manual
Operating (Setzholzverpressung)

Basic equipment for use of counter profiles

19 x counter profiles attachable

(Techn. Details according to manufacturer - without guarantee.!)

Video shows the same model


Photo 1 SHEEP + Sprödhuber Super - Video -
Photo 2 SHEEP + Sprödhuber Super - Video -
Photo 1 SHEEP + Sprödhuber Super - Video -
Photo 2 SHEEP + Sprödhuber Super - Video -
Photo 1 SHEEP + Sprödhuber Super - Video -
Photo 2 SHEEP + Sprödhuber Super - Video -

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SHEEP + Sprödhuber: Frame press Frame press SHEEP + Sprödhuber Super - Video -