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Profile projector WERTH PO 750
Stock no. 1049-519087

Profile projector




PO 750

Year of Manufacture 1987
State Used machine
control konventionell
Storage location Metzingen 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation ex Warehouse
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Technical Details
amplification -fold 10 / 20 / 50
diameter 750 mm
workpiece height max. mm
total power requirement kW
weight of the machine ca. t
dimensions of the machine ca. m


Optical Profile Measuring Projector with Horizontal Optical Display
Model PO 750 Year 1987 # 8700940

Monitor- 750 mm

Objective with 3 exchangeable lenses 5 / 20 / 50 fold

Table size 800 x 200 mm
Table adjustment cross / longitudinal (manual) 100 x 300 mm
Height adjustment of table (motorised) 300 mm
Swivelling angle of table +/- 15 °

Weight approx. 650 kg

Accessories / Special Features:

" Measuring-Program-Control QUADRA-CHECK II with 2 way digital display, switchable between
Linear-Measurement / Angle-Measurement for easy and controlled measuring of all standard measurements
" 3 lenses for magnification x10 / x20 / x50
" Reflection light for viewing of surfaces and edges, cavities, etc.
" Transmitted light for profile images of testing object on light background
" Various workpiece-clamping-prisms, vice, precision clamping table,
various electrical spare parts


Photo 1 Werth PO 750
Photo 2 Werth PO 750
Photo 1 Werth PO 750
Photo 2 Werth PO 750
Photo 1 Werth PO 750

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HANS - JÜRGEN GEIGER Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
James-Watt-Str. 12
72555 - Metzingen
  Phone: (0049) 7123 18040-
  Fax: (0049) 7123 18384-


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Werth: Profile projector Profile projector Werth PO 750