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Plate wagen
Stock no. 1314-22345

Plate wagen



Year of Manufacture 1999
State Used machine
control konventionell
Storage location D-72531 Hohenstein-Bernloch 
Country of origin  
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Technical Details
length 2000 mm
height 2000 mm
depth 1000 mm



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Rauscher & Reyhing GmbH Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen
Rauscher & Reyhing GmbH
Meidelstetter Str. 13
72531 - Hohenstein
  Phone: (0049) 7387 988414
  Fax: (0049) 7387 988429


Storage technology makes manufacturing Easier

Storage technology is designed to simplify your life. In an industrial setting, storage technology is Aimed at maximizing efficiency and productivity. Technological advances have Significantly cut the amount of manpower required to produce a high quantity of goods. Computer numerical control, or CNC, is one of the most time-saving element advancement in storage technology available on the market and it is Dramatically Simplifying the manufacturing process. You can simply input product specifications and set your machines to perform tasks Certain Repeatedly. CNC is not so new, though, did you need to buy the latest machines on the market to take advantage of this storage technology. Many used machines thus employ CNC, Allowing you to reap the benefits of this storage technology without breaking the bank

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