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Linear robots ENGEL Viper 20 Speed
Stock no. 1063-3060

Linear robots




Viper 20 Speed

Year of Manufacture 2011
State Used machine
control CNC RC 200 integriert
Storage location Lager NORTEC 
Country of origin Austria 
Delivery time prompt
Quotation FOT (D-29614 Soltau) Free On T
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Technical Details
X-axis demoulding stroke 500 mm
Y-axis vertical stroke 800 mm
Z-axis cross stroke 4.280 mm
***** basic unit *****
X-axis demoulding stroke
max. change in position 500 mm
drive servomotor
power transmission by toothed bar
max. speed 2 m/s
Y-axis vertical stroke
max. change in position 800 mm
drive servomotor
power transmission by toothed belt
max. speed 4,5 m/s
Z-axis cross stroke
max. change in position 4.280 mm
drive servomotor
power transmission by toothed bar
max. speed 3,0 m/s
C-axis swivelling
max. change in position 0-90°
drive pneumatic
max. torque 30 Nm
repeatability +/- 0,1 mm
maximally manipulateable mass 10 kg
***** Pneumatic *****
Air supply with manual slide valve 1 Stck./ pieces
gripper circuit with control 2 Stck./ pieces
suction/ grip circuit switchable 2 Stck./ pieces
***** Electric *****
Robot control cabinet integrated
Robot control cabinet free-standing
The injection molding machine need a
interface for robots ER-IS
supply voltage 3x400 V+N+PE / 50 HZ
***** Control *****
control RC 200 integriert
screen text deutsch
manual control divices C 30, 8 lines display
hard- and software for TEACH IN
safetypackage 2
***** General *****
mounting of the appliance with stand on FMP
painting Alu silber/ RAL 7021
automatic lubrication
***** Dimensions *****
Condition : functionality tested
Techn. Data : according to the data sheet
transport dimensions L x W x H 4,5 x 1,27 x 2,25 mm
weight of transportation 500 kg

ENGEL Robot to insert and take out of parts movement horizontal.

Robot control cabinet integrated, mounted underneath the clamping unit on machine front side.


Photo 1 ENGEL viper 20 Speed
Photo 2 ENGEL viper 20 Speed

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Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 5
29614 - Soltau
  Phone: + 49 51 91 96 97 8 0
  Fax: + 49 51 91 96 97 8 60


ENGEL: Linear robots Linear robots ENGEL viper 20 Speed