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Coordinate Measuring Machine JEOL JSM 5410LV
Stock no. 1045-35754

Coordinate Measuring Machine




JSM 5410LV

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control Sonstige
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Technical Details
table length mm
table width mm
daylight mm
- x-Axis mm
- table surface (left-right) mm

Resolution : 3.5 nm (at 30 kV, WD = 8 mm),
SEI (secondary electron image) mode
Magnification: x15 (WD = 48 um) to 200,000 (25 steps)
Digital indication
Image modes: Secondary electron image (SEI) HV Mode
Backscattered electron image (BEI) HV Mode
Backscattered electron image (BEI) LV Mode
EOS (electron optical system)
Accelerating voltage
(Acc.V.): 0.5 to 30 kV
0.5 to 3 kV, 0.1 kV/step (26 steps)
5 to 30 kV, 5 kV/step (6 steps)
Hysteresis elimination function is linked for Acc.V. change
Electron gun filament: Precentered W hairpin filament (K-Type)
Hinge type gun open/close mechanism
Filament monitor Built-in
Gun bias
AUTO mode: Automatic selection of the following 2 ranges:
For high Acc.V. (2.1 to 30 kV)
For low Acc.V. (0.3 to 2 kV)
MAN mode: Continuously variable manually
Alignment: Electromagnetic deflection type
Lens system: 3-stage
Zoom condenser lens (CL): 2-stage
Objective lens (OL): single-stage
OL aperture Variable type (3-step)
Fine position adjustable
Focus wobbler: Built-in (usable in TV mode)
Focusing: Push-Button and knob type
Manual, and automatic focusing device (AFD) built-in
Automatic focus tracer (AFT) buflt-in.
Stigmator: 8-pole electromagnetic type
Manual, and automatic astigmatism correction device (ASD)
Stigmator memory built-in
Specimen tilt
Scanning coil:
0 to approx. 90° correctable
Dynamic Focusing Device(DFU) built-in
2-stage electromagnetic deflection type
Magnification control: Automatic magnification corrector (MAC) built-in
Viewing field fine
shift: Electromagnetic type
±10µm (at 30 kV, WD 20 mm) in all directions by JOYSTICK
Probe current range : 10-12 to 10-6A
Specimen Stage
Type Eucentric goniometer
Specimen movements
X direction shift: 80 mm
Y direction shift: 40 mm
Tilt: -10 to +90°
Rotation 360° (endless).
Working distance (WD): 8 to 48 mm continuously variable
Digital indication an LCD by Z sensor
Working distance (EDS): 20 mm. ±1mm.variable
Specimen size: 10 mm dia. x 5 mmh, 10 mm dia. x 10 mmh
32 mm dia. x 5 mmh, 32 mm dia. x 10 mmh
51 mm dia. x 5 mmh, 51 mm dia. x 10 mmh
72 mm dia. x 5 mmh, 76 mm dia. X10 mmh
Specimen exchange: Draw-out type
Slide type mechanism for loading/unloading of specimens
SE/BE detector Consists of a collector, scintillator, light
Guide and a photomultiplier tube
Scanning System
Scanning modes: PIC (frame scan)
TV (frame scan)
LSP (line scan)
Scanning speed
For observation: 0.27, 0.58, 2.88, 9.6 s/frame, TV scan
(TV scan for SEI only)
For photographing: 50 Hz: > on LCD ... 28.8 s/frame
>> on LCD ... 86.4 s/frame
60 Hz: > on LCD 24 s/frame
>> on LCD ... 72 s/frame
Display System
Magnification display: x15 to 200,000
(On LCD, and CRT in PIC1 mode only)
Observation CRT: 2 , 9-inch CRT
Frame size: 135 x 18G mm (TV mode)
Image quality control
Manual control: Rapid exposure system (display on CRT)
Auto control: Automatic contrast and brightness control
(ACB) built-in
Observation condition display
Upper line on LCD : Accelerating voltage
Working distance
Film number
ACB linkage indication (A; ON/OFF)
Photo speed (>or >>)
Lower line on LCD : Evacuation sequence
Warning/Photo monitor/Check data
Observation CRT: Digital display in the PIC1 mode only
Accelerating voltage
Magnification (ON/OFF)
Micron marker with value
Film number
Photo Recording System
Exposure meter: Rapid exposure system (displayed on CRT)
Shutter: Automatic shutter built-in
Photo monitor Digital indication on LCD
Data recording
Data display: ON/OFF selectable (on CRT and Photograph)
Image on character
Base: ON/OFF selectable
Data contents: Accelerating voltage
Micron marker with value
Film number (4-digit: manual set, and 2-digit: manual/auto set)
Data display modes All data ON
Magnification OFF
Micron marker (with value) ON only
Camara for scanning
image(option): Manual and automatic shutters built-ln
MP-35040: For instant pack film (0.75)
Recording CRT: One, 9-inch CRT
Image Frame Store System
Memory capacity
Number of pixels: 512 x 512 (512 x 480 for image)
Number of gray
Scale steps: 256
Number of frames One (Video graphic printer with 4-frame expand
functions optionally available)
Still image display
CRT One, 9-ineh CRT (EIA, interlace scan type)
Frame size: Approx. 128 x 166 mm
Vacuum System
Control: Fully automatic sequence control •
(electro magnetic valves used)
Evacuation sequence is indicated on LCD
Ultimate pressure: Approx. 7 x 10-4 Pa (5 x 10-6 Torr)
Evaeuation time: Approx. 2.5 min
Vacuum pumps: One, 420 lit./s oil diffusion pump with water cooling baffle
One, 100 lit./min oil rotary pump (RP)
Vacuum gauge One, Pirani gauge
Pressure is indicated as a % on LCD.
Checkers and Safety Devices •
Auto checkers: 5 warning indication on LCD
Manual checkers: 8-item indication on LCD (including 2 items
For optional devices)
Safety devices: Protective devices are built-in for power and
Water failures, and pressure increase.
Ports for X-ray
Measurement: for optional for EDS (energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer)
TV output terminals : Two BNC-R connectors (75 ohms)
(For TV mode and still image)
TV output signal: TV mode; EIA or CCIR •
Still image; EIA
Composite, positive polarity
1 Vp-p, H =15.75 kHz, V = 60 Hz
Service outlet: One, 100 V AC, 2 A
Installation Requirements
Power Supply and Cooling Water
Power supply: Single-phase 220 V(±10%) AC, 50/60 Hz, 5 kVA
(voltage drop at 5 kVA should be within 3%).
Grounding terminal One, 100 ohms or less.
Cooling water
Faucet: One, 10 to 12 mm O.D.
Drain: One, 25 mm I.D. or more
Flow rate: 2 lit./min.
Pressure: 0.05 to 0.2 kPa.
Temperature: 20±5°C.
(At SEMs water outlet should be 35°C or less.)
Temperature: 20±5°C.
Humidity 60% or less.
Stray magnetic field : 0.3µT or less.
Floor vibration: 2 µm or less at 5 Hz (in X, Y and Z directions).
Floor space: 2,500(W) x 2,300(D) x 1,800(H) mm or more.
Dimensions and Weight
Unit: mm + kg
Width Depth Height Weight Remarks
SEM Column console 750 900 1,485 152 JEOL JAPAN
SEM Operation console 750 950 1,220 183 JEOL JAPAN
EDS + SemAfore PC Set 600 1800 740 40 OXFORD,JEOL
Cooling Water 350 380 900 20 EYELA JAPAN
Step down transformer JP. 320 400 680 65 220v to 100 volt.
Sputter Coater UK. 360 450 380 15 FISON UK.


Photo 1 JEOL JSM 5410LV
Photo 2 JEOL JSM 5410LV
Photo 1 JEOL JSM 5410LV
Photo 2 JEOL JSM 5410LV

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JEOL: Coordinate Measuring Machine Coordinate Measuring Machine JEOL JSM 5410LV