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Coolant Unit HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2
Stock no. 1006-16092

Coolant Unit




ASF 80.25.2

Year 2000
State Used machine
Control konventionell
Storage location Lager 
Country of origin Federal Republic of Germany Lo 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation EXW
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Technical Details
filtration capacity with oil 2 x 80 l/min.
container volume 1200 l
Power 21,6 KW
Dimensions of machine 3,7 x 2,20 x 2,45 m
weight of the machine ca. 2,2 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 4,00 x 2,80 x 2,40 m

Unit for filtration and cooling the coolant lubrication. Siemens Coros OP 15
controlled, was running on a KAPP Gear Grinding Machine

- coolant flows over magnetic-roll in the dirt-tank with wash-up chamber
- cleaning the coolant with help of kieselguhr oder Cellulose in 2 filtre
chamber with 80l/min. capasity per filtre. The filtre sheets are horizontal
arranged, advantage is that after switch-off and switch-on the filtre cake will
be preserved. The coolant flows in the intermediate chamber
- back-cooling: reducing the incurred heat, the collant flows into the
- fine-filtration: pumping the coolant variantely through two compact-pressure
filtre type HKD. After this the collant flows in the clear-chamber. Now the
collant is ready for operation
- machine supply: all pumps are fitted with manometer and plate slide,
adjusting the rate of flow on the basis of the pump capacity curve
- the filtre unit is fitted with a complete hydraulic unit from a Kapp VAC 65
machine, this machine was connected in the past


Photo 1 HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2
Photo 2 HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2
Photo 1 HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2
Photo 2 HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2
Photo 1 HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2
Photo 2 HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2

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HOFFMANN: Coolant Unit Coolant Unit HOFFMANN ASF 80.25.2