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TD1=screw size (mm) TD2= injection shot weight in polystyrene (g/PS)TD3= closing pressure (kN)

Injection molding machine up to 5000 KN

  TD1 TD2 TD3  
BMB 2200/38 PI 2004 unbkt. unbkt. 380
NETSTAL SYN1750-460 2000 unbkt. unbkt. 1750
KRAUSS MAFFEI 180-700C3 2003 unbkt. unbkt. 1800
BATTENFELD BA 950 / 315 CDC 1994 40 182 950
ENGEL VC 500/120 SPEX 2018 40 226 1.200
ENGEL VC 750/160 SPEX 2018 50 353 1.600
ENGEL VC 1050/220 Tech SPEX 2018 55 459 2.200
ENGEL VC 1350/300 SPEX 2018 60 662 3.000
ENGEL VC 2060/400 SPEX 2018 70 1091 4000



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In this day and age plastic production is a booming industry with a high demand for its products. Reliability and efficiency are of the utmost Importance making it critical for plastics manufacturers to have the best equipment available to them. One piece of equipment is seeking an injection molding machine up to 5000 CN. Injection molding is one of the most popular plastic Means of production and is used to create a vast number of products we use everyday. Store Warehouse trucks for your next injection molding machine up to 5000 CN.

There are several types of injection molding machines on the market today Differentiated by processthat drives the machine. Environmentally conscious business owners may prefer to electric injection molding machine up to 5000 CN while the Mechanically operated version offers up a high level of reliability. Examined with a range of possibilities available finding the best injection molding machine for you may seem overwhelming. By shopping at warehouse equipment you can enjoy a quick and easy experience and save yourself time and money.

Buying used equipment is a practical solution to the trouble of purchasing expensive industrial machinery. The used machines at warehouse machines offer high levels of quality at a fraction of the price of buying new. Whether your looking for an injection molding machine up to 5000 CN or any other industrial equipment check out storage machines?'s User friendly platform.

Injection molding machine up to 5000 KN