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Industrial Equipment



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  The last 10 Recent category Industrial Equipment
tool diameter: 20 bis 201 mm
tool length - max.: 355 mm
Year built:

Knops Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

dimension: 156x156 mm
Thickness: 300-160 µm
number: 3x
dimensions of the machine ca.: 9x2x3 m
Year: 2011

IMZ Maschinen Vertriebs GmbH

max. wheel diameter: 420 mm
dimensions of the machine ca.: 15 x 10 x 3 m
total power requirement: 30 kW
spindle turning speed - stepless: 5.000 U/min
Year: 2001

Zuefle GmbH

thickness: mm
width: mm
length: mm
Year: 2009

BIC brandner ingenieurbüro & consulting

thickness: 1000 mm
width: 800 mm
length: 300 mm
Year: 2003

AZ Machinery GmbH

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