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Granulat converyor equipment MORETTO Oktabin Entleersystem OKT 1000
Stock no. 1063-2394

Granulat converyor equipment




Oktabin Entleersystem OKT 1000

Year of Manufacture 2015
State Used machine
control Sonstige
Storage location Lager NORTEC 2 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time prompt
Quotation FCA (D-29614 Soltau) ICC Incot
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Technical Details
max. weight octabin 1.000 kg
max. hight octabin 2.000 mm
max. throughput 12 x Oktabin /h
Painting sky blue
Techn. Data : according to the data sheet

The new OKTOMATIK octabin unloader developed by Moretto provides for a
complete discharge of the octagonal carton with a final inclination of up to 55°.
The movement is exclusively electric and managed in fully safety. The system
can be equipped with a cylindrical stainless steel tank with suction valve for the
granule drawing. It can treat octabins up to 1500 kg with a minimum height of
1500 up to 2300 mm. The machine is noiseless, reliable, efficacious and can treat
up to 12 octabins per hour. The cycle is completely automatic. The mechanism is
fully electric and maintenance free.


Photo 1 MORETTO octabin Pump-October 1000

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Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 5
29614 - Soltau
  Phone: + 49 51 91 96 97 8 0
  Fax: + 49 51 91 96 97 8 60


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Moretto: Granules converyor equipment Granules converyor equipment MORETTO octabin Pump-October 1000