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Thread Rolling Machine GOVAMA 3 R-21
Stock no. 1088-N00009

Thread Rolling Machine




3 R-21

Year of Manufacture 2018
State New machine
control NC
Storage location Neumaschinen 
Country of origin Türkei 
Delivery time 3 Monate
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Technical Details
pressure 21 t
max. workpiece diameter 90 mm
threading length 90 mm
total power requirement 19,3 kW
weight of the machine ca. 2500 kg
dimensions of the machine ca. m



Photo 1 3 GOVAMA R-21
Photo 2 3 GOVAMA R-21
Photo 1 3 GOVAMA R-21
Photo 2 3 GOVAMA R-21
Photo 1 3 GOVAMA R-21
Photo 2 3 GOVAMA R-21

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GOVAMA: Thread Rolling Machine Thread Rolling Machine GOVAMA 3 21 R