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Surface Grinding Machine BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic
Stock no. 1108-35303

Surface Grinding Machine




Simplex 5 Finimatic

Year 1966
State Used machine
Control konventionell
Storage location 46342 Velen 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time sofort
Quotation ab Lager
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Technical Details
grinding length 500 mm
grinding width 350 mm
workpiece height max. 400 mm
table surface area 900 x 300 mm
magnetic plate size 500x 300 mm
grinding wheel speed 1400 / 2800 U/min.
max. dia. of grinding wheel 170 bis 400 mm
max. width of grinding wheel 50 mm
dist. center of grinding spindle - table 575 mm
total power requirement 6,5 kW
weight of the machine ca. 2,2 t
dimensions 1,6 x 1,6 x 2,0 m



Photo 1 BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic
Photo 2 BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic
Photo 1 BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic
Photo 2 BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic
Photo 1 BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic
Photo 2 BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic

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WMT GmbH & Co.KG
WMT GmbH & Co.KG
Siemensstraße 1
46342 - Velen-Ramsdorf
  Telefon: + 49 2863 92477-47
  Fax: + 49 2863 92477-50


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Blohm: Surface Grinding Machine Surface Grinding Machine BLOHM Simplex 5 Finimatic