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Lathe - cycle-controlled Mas Turn MT 40 cnc
Stock no. 2018-2033

Lathe - cycle-controlled


Mas Turn


MT 40 cnc

Year 1997
State Used machine
Control CNC Heidenhain manuel plus
Storage location Lager Wilbertoord Holland 
Country of origin CZ 
Delivery time directly available
Quotation 0
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Technical Details
turning diameter 400 mm
turning length 1500 mm
control Heidenhain manuel plus
weight of the machine ca. 2,5 t



Photo 1 Mas Turn MT 40 cnc
Photo 2 Mas Turn MT 40 cnc
Photo 1 Mas Turn MT 40 cnc
Photo 2 Mas Turn MT 40 cnc
Photo 1 Mas Turn MT 40 cnc
Photo 2 Mas Turn MT 40 cnc
Photo 1 Mas Turn MT 40 cnc

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Hop Machines
Hop Machines
Wethouder Lindersstraat 145
5455 GK - Wilbertoord
  Phone: + 31 (0) 485478107


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Mas Turn: Lathe - cycle-controlled Lathe - cycle-controlled Mas Turn MT 40 cnc