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Wire peeling machine JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Stock no. 1132-403502

Wire peeling machine




DSZA 5 - 15

Year of Manufacture 2007
State Used machine
control CNC
Storage location Willich 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation free on truck
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Technical Details
working area 5 - 15 mm
speed max. 15 m/min
quality Rechts nach links right to left

W I R E - P E E L I N G M A C H I N E

Construction: JANKOWSKI (Germany)
New-in: 2007
Type: DSZA 5 - 15
Condition: very good

Working range: 5 – 15 mm Ø
The line was used to peel precious metal wire of 12 mm Ø.

Speed: max. 15 m/min., infinitely variable

Peeling head: 4-jaw turning chuck, rotations infinitely adjustable 1000 - 3000
Rpm. Tandem-peeling knive cassettes with turning peeling inserts

Working direction: From right to left

Material working heigth: 950 mm

Hydraulic drive: max. 150 bar

The line consists of:
- attached decoiling device for loose coils of 30 – 40 kg, loading: by
- Advancing pushing rolls
- 2 horizontal straightening units
(against add. cost a vertical straightening unit can be still adapted)
- Peeling unit with turning knife head
- attached bending device with receiving shaft which bends the coming out
material to rings
- STEIDLE micro spraying unit, LUBRIMAT L60 (greasing by minimum quantity)
- attached electrial cabinet
- hydraulics, mounted inside the machine

Control: SIEMENS SIMATIC S 7 - 300

Drive power: 15 kW, 400 V / 50 Hz
Control tension: 220 Volt

Against add. cost the line can be extended with a wire pre-drawing unit after
the peeling head.

Measurements main machine body: length 2150 mm, width 800 mm, height 2000 mm

Weight: approx. 1500 kg


Photo 1 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 2 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 1 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 2 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 1 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 2 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 1 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 2 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 1 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15
Photo 2 JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15

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Franz Teutenberg GmbH & Co KG
Franz Teutenberg GmbH & Co KG
Am Nordkanal 34-36
47877 - Willich
  Phone: 02154 95790
  Fax: 02154 9579 29


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JANKOWSKI: Wire peeling machine Wire peeling machine JANKOWSKI DSZA 5 - 15