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Drilling line APOLLO Bimak 35 speedy
Stock no. 1082-08218

Drilling line




Bimak 35 speedy

Year of Manufacture Fabrikneu / new
State New machine
control NC
Storage location Auslieferungslager 
Country of origin Italy 
Delivery time ca. 45 Werktage
Quotation ex works + package
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Technical Details
size of profile - max. 150 mm
Number of drilling agregates 1 Stk.
bore diameter 35 mm
quill stroke 140 mm
spindle taper MK 4
column diameter 120 mm
throat 300 mm
distance spindlenose - table min./max. 50 / 600 mm
spindle turning speed range 14 / 45 - 1650 U/min
impact length 2000 mm
base plate 420 x 420 mm
Max. speed ot the feeder 200 mm/sec.
positioning accuracy auf 3 m +/- 0,2 mm
air consumption 6 bar
boring motor 1,5 kW
Carrying capacity feeder 45 kg
tube diameter min. 20 mm
Min. distance hole/end of material 40 mm
weight of the machine ca. 400 kg
dimensions of the machine ca. ca. 2,5 x 0,7 x 2 m
Electric 400 Volt
Cooling equipment (Micro-Cooler) Luft - Öl
Protection made in plastic

New controlled SERIES DRILLING MACHINE with 3 automatic spindel feeds in
conjunction with the automatic speedy feed system suitable for pipe and
profile material.
The machine drills automatically holes in the programmed intervals only in a
fixed line. The material is clamped with a quick - tensioner (aluminium) on
the feed unit. The pneum. vice fixes the workpiece during the drilling phase.
The automatic drilling machine drills the hole with autom. feed, the vise solves
pneumatically and the it moves to the next memory stored position, the
vise clamps and the next cycle begins. The vise can also work outside the
center position. Die control with alphanumeric grafic display
stores 99 programs with 99 different hole intervals , 99 times repeatable.
Max. feed 200 mm / sec. - Individually programmable.
Accuracy / - 0.2 mm. The machine can also be manually and semi-automatically
used. The feeder is available in various lengths up to 6 m. The speed of the
feed material , the drilling feed , the depth and the speed of the drill
spindle can be adjusted as needed.
Machine dealer with own stock of 2500 m² and certification of the database


Photo 1 APOLLO Bimak 35 speedy
Photo 2 APOLLO Bimak 35 speedy
Photo 1 APOLLO Bimak 35 speedy
Photo 2 APOLLO Bimak 35 speedy
Photo 1 APOLLO Bimak 35 speedy

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APOLLO: Drilling line Drilling line APOLLO Bimak 35 speedy