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milling machining centers - universal HERMLE C 600U
Stock no. 1036-053542

milling machining centers - universal




C 600U

Year 2000
State Used machine
control CNC
Storage location Heilbronn 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation ex stock
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Technical Details
x-travel 600 mm
y-travel 450 mm
z-travel 450 mm
total power requirement kW
weight of the machine ca. t
dimensions of the machine ca. m

CNC control Heidenhain TNC 430
NC-swivel-rotary table (4. & 5- axis)
electrical hand wheel
30 automatic tool changer
minimal amount lubrication device
measuring feeler

Technische Daten / technical details:
X-Weg längs / X-travel longitudinal 600 mm
Y-Weg quer / Y-travel cross 450 mm
Z-Weg senkrecht / Z-travel vertical 450 mm
Spindelaufnahme / spindle taper HSK 63
Drehzahlbereich / spindle speed 20 - 16000 UpM /rpm
Vorschubbereich / feed range 1-30000 mm/min
Eilgang / rapid feed 35 m/min
Anzahl der Werkzeugplätze / no. of tool places ATC 30
Schwenkrundtischdurchmesser / swivel-rotary table diameter 280 mm
Schwenkbereich A-Achse / swivel range A-axis +20 / - 90 °
Schwenkbereich C-Achse / swivel range C-axis 360 °
Gesamtanschlusswert / drive capacity 22 kW
Gewicht der Maschine ca. / weight 6500 Kg
Technische Daten, Zubehör und Beschreibung der Maschine sind unverbindlich -
Technical data, accessories and description of the machine are not binding.


Photo 1 HERMLE C 600U
Photo 2 HERMLE C 600U
Photo 1 HERMLE C 600U
Photo 2 HERMLE C 600U
Photo 1 HERMLE C 600U
Photo 2 HERMLE C 600U

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Gustav Schönberger GmbH Werkzeugmaschinen
Gustav Schönberger GmbH
Hünderstr. 14
74080 - Heilbronn
  Phone: (0049) 7131 46060
  Fax: (0049) 7131 460620


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Hermle: milling machining centers - universal milling machining centers - universal HERMLE C 600U