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Machining Center - Universal DMG DECKEL MAHO DMU 80T Monoblock
Stock no. 1141-1023

Machining Center - Universal




DMU 80T Monoblock

Year 2002 / 2016
State Used machine
Storage location Wuppertal 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time 6 - 8 Wochen nach Bestellung
Quotation free load
More info

Technical Details
x-travel 880 mm
y-travel 630 mm
z-travel 630 mm
tool change unit 32-fach
tool taper SK 40
spindle turning speed range 12.000 U/min
b-axis Schwenkkopf 0,001 °
c-axis 0-360° Rundtisch 0,001°
coolant ja, 40 bar IKZ
rotary table dia. 700 mm

Compact 5-axis machining center with large travel distances. 12,000 spindle
And ICZ.
Machine is currently completely overhauled.
The overhaul includes:
- complete disassembly and cleaning of the machine, incl
Components (also stands)
- Exchange of all linear guides and wagons
- Replacement of all ball screw drives (Z new, X and Y overhauled)
- Replacement of the entire ball circulating spindle bearings
- Overhaul of the motor spindle (bearing, tensioner, balancing, etc.)
- Exchange of all sensors and cables at the tool changer
- Exchange of various coolant hoses
- Replace all PU lubrication lines
- Exchange of all drive belts
- Replacement of all wrinkles, wipers, brushes, etc.
- Replacing the sight glass
- Overhaul Rotoclear (new drive and disc)
- New keyboard MillPlus IT
- New softkey buttons monitor
- Product overhaul of the supply and drive modules
- Overhaul of all 5 measuring systems
- New workroom lighting
- Replacement of hydraulic pressure blower
- Replacement of all pneumatic valves
- Exchange of all equipment
- Replace the protective hose on the milling head and round table
- 2K coating in Titangrau / Weiss (current DMG design)
- Update the software version
As you can see, this is not a real overhaul
A repair. You can contact us and the machine in advance
Machine is sold with 3 months warranty on the exchanged parts!


Photo 1 DMG Deckel Maho DMU 80T monoblock
Photo 2 DMG Deckel Maho DMU 80T monoblock

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5X Machines GmbH
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DMG Deckel Maho: Machining Center - Universal Machining Center - Universal DMG Deckel Maho DMU 80T monoblock