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Facing and Centering Machine SEMA END 100/4-1200-A-NC
Stock no. 1022-E05112

Facing and Centering Machine




END 100/4-1200-A-NC

Year of Manufacture 2005
State Used machine
control CNC Siemens 840 D
Storage location Deutschland 
Country of origin Austria 
Delivery time approx. 8 weeks
Quotation ex foundation
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Technical Details
max. workpiece diameter 36 mm
min. workpiece diameter 20 mm
workpiece length 500 - 2000 mm
spindle drive 15 kW
spindle turning speed - stepless 850 U/min
control Siemens 840 D
total power requirement 95 kW
weight of the machine ca. 18 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 11,0 x 7,0 m

The machine can be inspected under power / chip in production.
Number of working hours: 25411 (January 2017)


CNC control Siemens 840 D

Shafts, clamping diameter 20 - 36 mm
Length of axis 500 to 2000 mm
Material 33 Mn Cr B 5-2
Number of pieces approx. 3000 pcs / day in 3-shift operation
Machining on both sides

Processing process:
Charging and discharging
Station 1 Peeling the diameter due to the length of the precipitator max. 90 mm
Station 2 Thread roll M20 / M22 / M24 / M30 / M36 with threaded head
The processing plant has the task of machining the shaft on both sides.

Functional sequence:
Workpiece is automatically inserted into the system
Workpiece is adjusted or tensioned
Processing station returns to initial position
Clamping is released
Workpiece is automatically unloaded

Cycle time:
Calculation: Type M 22 16,80 sec
According to calculation: Type M 36 26.32 sec

Centering stock:
During machining the work piece of 2 adjustable center-
The workpiece is held by means of prisms by 4-point voltage.
The clamping pressure can be set manually.
Baking range 2 x 22 mm
Clamping force 20 kN at 100 bar
Repeatability (for a new machine) 0.01 mm

Processing stations:
The processing stations sit on the respective feed carriage.
The slides are guided via ball screw spindle and NC axis in the longitudinal (Z
Positioning. All NC axes have an indirect measuring system, via rotary encoder.

Cutting unit SE 100:
Manufacturer type SEMA SE 100
Number of 4 pieces
Storage Drm. 110/170 mm, live-lubricated
Tool holder HSK 100 C or flange
Spindle drive 15 kW
Torque approx. 285 Nm at 500 rpm.
Speed ??infinitely variable 250 - 850 rpm.

1-axis unit 1AE45:
Longitudinal slide CNC axis, Z axis
Number of 4 pieces
Drive 20 Nm
Drive type AC servo motor, manufactured by Siemens
Travel distances 500 mm
Travel speed 0-30 m / min. Infinitely variable
Ball screw spindle 40x10 mm
Guided tour of roller guide, size 45 Star or Schneeberger
Guide cover, telescopic cover

Handling system for the automatic loading and unloading of the end processing
Workpiece transfer in a vending machine using three-armed handling module type
HA consisting of the following components:
3 pieces lifting arms HA with prism gripper. Stroke and workpiece clamping
. Travel distance 80 mm. End positions of the lifting arms sensitively
interrogated. Cylinder,
Sensors and electrical connections fully encapsulated with coolant and
Shavings. Gripper equipped with quick-change system for tool-free operation
Replacing the jaws.
The three lifting arms operate synchronously and grip the work piece in the
Center, regardless of the length of the workpiece.

Central lubrication:
Manufactured by VOGEL for the supply of the ball circulating nut, the ball-
As well as the guideways with lubricating oil.

Operating pressure 6 bar, Festo

Manufactured by Bosch, pressure range 100 bar

Cooling system:
Tank volume approx. 1500 l
Low pressure pumps approx. 4 bar 160 l / min.
High pressure pumps approx. 10 bar

Complete cover:
The processing plant is executed with a complete cover.
Equipment with a sliding door and viewing window and two manual
Doors on the back for service purposes.
The doors are equipped with safety switches.
Machine lighting is integrated.
Exhaust connection for exhaust system Drm. 200 mm integrated into cover.

Chip conveyor:
For removing the chips directly from the machine into a chip car
Delivery width approx. 300 mm
Throwing height approx. 1200 mm

Extraction system:
Manufacturer UAS
Blower output 1900 m³ / h


Photo 1 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 2 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 1 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 2 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 1 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 2 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 1 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 2 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 1 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC
Photo 2 SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC

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SEMA: Facing and Centering Machine Facing and Centering Machine SEMA END 100 / 4-1200-A-NC