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2-roll bar straightening machine WYKO WVBR 5P
Stock no. 1132-103379

2-roll bar straightening machine





Year 1985
State Used machine
Control konventionell
Storage location Willich 
Country of origin Germany 
Delivery time immediately
Quotation free on truck
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Technical Details
working area 10 - 70 mm
Bar length 3500 - 5000 mm
speed 15 / 30 m/min

for bars and thick-walled pipes

constr.: WYKO
type: WVBR 5P
year: 1985

condition: good - the machine was only used for re-straightening

working range Ø: bars 10 – 70 mm
Straightening rollers distance to 100 mm for soft material

working direction: left/right

operation: manually or automatically

speeds: 15 / 30 m/min.

three-phase motor: 2 x 25/38kW, 730/1470 rpm, 220/380 V, 50 Hz

rollers: axial adjustment: top and bottom: 10 – 20 degree, manually
height adjustment: upper straightening rollers, motorically
dimensions: length: 450 mm (effektive: 305 mm), Ø:355 mm

Delivery Scope:
- inlet table 3500 mm, motorically height adjustment, with insertor device
- inlet channel, pneumatically
- pneumatic pusher
- main machine body with gear boxes and motors
- extrication - Duo
- coolant tank
- outlet channel, 5000 mm, pneumatically
- collecting rack
- command desk
- electrical cabinet
- spars and accessories:
N E W : 1 pair straightening rollers, 1 pair cardan shafts, 1 main motor,
1 lifting motor for inlet table
used: lift with shaft, various steel rulers

Original, non-binding brochure of the manufacturer: available upon request

further photos / Video / foundation plan / roller drawings: dto.

total weight: approx. 16 to.


Photo 1 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 2 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 1 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 2 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 1 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 2 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 1 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 2 WYKO WVBR 5P
Photo 1 WYKO WVBR 5P

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Franz Teutenberg GmbH & Co KG
Franz Teutenberg GmbH & Co KG
Am Nordkanal 34-36
47877 - Willich
  Phone: + 49 (0) 2154 95790
  Fax: + 49 (0) 2154 9579 29


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WYKO: 2-roll bar straightening machine 2-roll bar straightening machine WYKO WVBR 5P